Why Get Annuled? Can’t Stay In Your Marriage?

Unlike a divorce that acknowledges that the start and end of a marriage, an annulment identifies that the union didn’t exist in the first place. Here are of the reasons given by Las Vegas Annulment Experts on why you should consider getting an annulment instead of a divorce.

1. No Division Of Property – If you declare the marriage invalid, you will not divide any property unlike what happens during divorce proceedings. All the wealth and debts will be assigned to the rightful owner before the marriage.

2. Equal Sharing Of Marital Debt – Every person will be responsible for their debts before getting into the marriage. However, if there are any debts incurred during the marriage, they will be split evenly. Therefore, nobody pays less than the other in any event.

3. Invalidating A Prenup – If you choose an annulment over a divorce, you will be released from the terms signed in the prenuptial agreement. A prenup can only be used for couples who are divorcing or getting a legal separation in some cases.

4. Getting Remarried – Thanks to an annulment, you can quickly get remarried. It’s quite often to find that couples who choose a divorce might have a hard time getting remarried especially if the first marriage wasn’t dissolved completely.

What Qualifies For An Annulment?

Are you wondering whether or not you qualify for an annulment? Well, here are some of the reasons why you should get an annulment today.

1. If you have married a relative. Numerous states forbid marriages between relatives. However, some states allow first cousins to marry. If you and your spouse share blood, your wedding will be void so you can always get an annulment.

2. If anyone or both spouses are underage, the marriage can be annulled. Note that, if you’re not of legal age, you’re not allowed to get married without court or parental consent. However, the legal age will differ from one state to the other. Note that, underage marriages are voidable meaning that if both people choose to remain in the union, they can do so. However, they can always get an annulment, but in this case, a person of legal age must apply for the dissolution on their behalf.

3. You can also get an annulment if any person in the marriage lacked mental awareness of what happened during the wedding. It is referred to as mental incompetency, and it might cover different issues depending on the laws of your state. It could be mental illness or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. If you were married under pretenses, you also have legal ground to get an annulment. For instance, did you both hide something significant from each other? If a spouse says she’s pregnant just to get married while she’s not, that is legal grounds to get annulled. On the other hand, if the spouse is impotent or is not willing to enter into a physical relationship and doesn’t inform the other spouse until after the wedding, you can pursue an annulment.

It’s always prudent to seek the advice of a family lawyer to avoid any legal issues after that.

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How Xpool Can Look At Your Annulment

If you are in he midst of an annulment or divorce then we have some information we need to show you. Looking for the right consultant to help with your annulment is important because they need to understand completely just what it is you’re looking for and why you need an annulment. We will be giving advice and event a checklist that you can go off of so that you can make the best decision for your annulment.